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What if you got “yes” on the next loan application? And while our economy?

Many people experience periods of economic difficulties, and there is a lot you can do to prevent the situation from getting worse.

On f24, you can read about some simple tips on how you can make your finances go together in everyday life – and improve in the long run. We also describe some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Of course, it is frustrating to lack a financial overview and even feel alone about it all.

Rejection after rejection does little for motivation. And yes, then it can be easy to lose heart.

But do not do it!

Because it does not have to continue like this. There are plenty of people who can and will help you – all in their own way.

Start the turning operation here and now.


Choose the topic that suits you best and get access to expert advice today.

  • Get organized.
  • Turn a “no” on the loan application to a “yes”.
  • Gather small loans and credit card debt.
  • Do you have active debt collection cases and need loans?
  • Get lower costs
  • Learn to handle debt collection cases or payment defaults
  • Get free help with financial problems – regardless of the severity

F24 is here to make personal finances easier to understand – and thus easier to handle.
As a member, you get access to articles tailored for that purpose

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Our best – and easiest – tips for getting our economy and yes to the loan applications

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